Trip Preparations

Pet-Friendly Hotel Selection

• How much is the Pet Fee. Most places charge a Pet Fee per night per pet.
• Is a Pet Deposit required? Some require a Pet Deposit for property damages against any damages of their properties including flooring and furniture.
• Is Petshittier available in the area? All most of the all accommodations do not allowed you to leave your pet or pets alone in rooms or properties while you are out. Some accommodations have good information for petsitting. Try to ask before booking.
• Pets OK room for sure? Some limit the availability of the rooms for guests with pets. Just make sure that you talk about your pets. Size, weight, breed, maximum numbers of pets or other restriction might be applied. Click for Pet Friendly Accommodations in Alberta, British Columbia, Oregon & Washinton State
• Put your name, address, and phone number, cell number, and a local phone number of where to stay. If your pet gets lost, a Direct Phone Number could be the most helpful for you. Report a local SPCA or Animal Service, but do not rely on only city government # tags or SPCA which never open 24 hours to report lost & found dogs. The direct phone number is the best way to go.


• Just in case, bring your pet’s photos to ask somebody when you search for.


• Copy & bring license and all vaccinations’ proof with vet’s phone number
Traveling to foreign countries come with certain requirements depending on which country you go with your pet. See “Pet Abroad


• Contact with your local accommodation, local animal control services, your home or someone who could get any report from other.
• Use your dog’s photos to search for.
• Leave a local phone number such as a hotel and your cell number to anyone who you ask about your dog.

Banned Breeds

• Make sure if your dog’s breed is restricted or banned before you make a decision where to travel. See List