About us

Who is Meetpaws.com?

Meetpaws.com was established to increase the number of happy dogs in Canada and USA. We provides pets & dogs information ultimately from the beautiful Greater Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Our Philosophy

We believe that all dogs deserve to be loved and secured as family members. Wherever you take your dog with your car or by a commercial airplane, your dog’s safety issue should be considered prior to your departure. We believe that the information of this website could help you to know how to start for your dog’s safe travel. Your dog does not deserve injuries or even worse cause by car ascidians.

Our Executives

Meetpaws.com has two Beagles executives to improve the pet travel information.
Left: Jake “I wear a vest harness, so I never fly from the seat with a sudden braking”
Right: Logan “I love to ride, I can have a nice vacation & come home safe”

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