Car Travel

Road Trip Basics

• Do not feed your pet for an hour before you take off to prevent from Car Sickness. If your pet get thirsty, offer small amount of water.

• Offering a couple of familiar treats should be OK. Let them be more relaxed on board. Basically feed a half or full meal when you arrive.

• Stop at rest areas or safe areas every 2 hours ideally. Let your dog stretch. Keep your dog on leash not to run away.

• To get fresh air and to keep your pet safe, a Car Safety Harness, a Safety Belt, a Car Ventilator, a mesh gate or barrier for vehicle should be considered for your trip by car.

• Leash your dogs and grab tight when you open the car door.

• Keep towels, paper towels, web tissue & garbage bags in your car for car sickness. It happens when it happens. Wait and stop your vehicle at safe areas to take care of your pet and mess. Keep your dog on leash. e in transit).

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Riding Safely

• Do not let your dog move around in a car on board to avoid serious injuries.

• Opening Window fully would causes verious problems: 1) Bugs or something elso can injure eyes. 2) Dog can jump out of the vehicle. 3) When you close automatic car windows, you can harm your dog’s neck. Please avoid these risks from car windows.

Car Sickness

• Give your dog some fresh air. Use a vent and fan. No head out of windows. It is dangerous and can cause respiratory problems.

• Make sure if your dog harness do not touch and pressure your dog’s neck. It needs a little room around dog’s neck.

• Make sure if your dog can sit and lie down comfortably with a car harness with the seat belt.

• Give your dog Dramamine an hour before you depart if your dog always gets serious car sickness. Talk to your veterinarian first, and make sure how much amount you should give your dog.